eco capsula

ideová štúdia
Marec 2009
Igor Záček, Tomáš Záček, Soňa Pohlová
Fáza projektu: 
v procese

gypsy wagon - movement of structure and idea, wagon was interior -exterior and as well as open- closed space. It works also as a living and working unit. We proposed
re-utilisation of used cans from beer, Fanta,cola..., we cut them and produce facade tile placed inside out, that will reflect surrounding nature and unit will become invisible. CONSTRUCTION
For load bearing construction we used 3d frame made from hardwood, that defines shape of unit. Interior space is finished with OSB wooden plates. Exterior finish is made from tiles of used cans, underneath isolation.
Units has different energy system, how to produce electricity. One has wind turbine, the other one solar panels, etc. When units are close to each other, they can be connected into one electric system. This is if one technology system is not sufficient. They create social and energy network.
Every unit has 25 m2 ,it is made for minimal 2 people max 6 people in case of emergency. Main space can be opened in the summer and can be used for more functions

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